petroquimica3For polypropylene and polyethylene extrusion (PP/PE), Etage offers the best solution for cutting. The knives produced by the company follow the highest quality standards in order to exceed the expectation of the customers.

We have a team of consultants which helps our clients to get the best pellets formation as well as the increase of knife life.

The knives can be produced according to customer design or by Etage development to obtain the best performance for each application.

Advantages of using the bimetallic knives:

  • High resistance due to the quality of the material used in the cutting blade;
  • Great cut and high quality pellets;
  • Keep the sharp cutting edge throughout life
  • Less setup due to higher durability of the knife;
  • Stainless Steel body provides corrosion resistance and high thoughness, minimizing knife breakage risks during operation.