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Etage is certified by the NBR ISO 9001.

The quality of the projects, products and services developed by Etage is the result of continuous investments in infrastructure, technology and human resources. Improvement and updates of systems and processes follow the highest quality standards required in the market.


Health, Safety and Environment

Corporate Culture

Etage reinforces its commitment to understand the customer’s needs through a rigorous critical analysis as well as technically accurate and transparent proposals seeking to comply with all the signed agreements.
Fulfillment of technical specifications, on time deliveries, competitive trading conditions and world-class quality standards are basic assumptions to us.

Quality Policy

It is ETAGE’s Quality Policy to develop products and services, as well as to produce or recover parts in the area of precision machining and cladding; aiming:
→ Seek continuous customer satisfaction by meeting your requirements.
→ Continuously improve the effectiveness of your processes and quality management system.
→ Encourage and participate in technical training and employee development.


Consists of engineers, technologists and high-level technicians with deep expertise in markets, products and processes. Etage also has a competent structure to support the activity of the company.
Leadership development, professional training and continuous technical development are part of the culture of ETAGE. The complexity of products and the high level of process technology requires excellent professional skills in all areas of the company. Having these demands as guides, incentive policies to personal development and technical training, including international ones, are practices adopted by ETAGE.


Etage has:
Total area 7.000 m2
Built area 5.500 m2
Power transformer 1.500 Kva
Power generator 400 Kva
Receiving patio for trucks
Cranes up to 20t
Tool room - Presetting
Integrated IT system


Etage offers its customers:
CNC Lathes up to Ø 700 x 4000 mm
Machining Centers up to 1250 mm
Multitasks 5-axis up to Ø 1200 x 3500 mm
Flat grinding machines up to 200 x 500 x 300 mm
Mechanical Lathes up to Ø 900 x 4000 mm
Milling machine up to 2000 mm
Sawing machines up to até Ø 600 mm
Coating System TIG (Cladding) up to Ø 1000 x 1400 mm
Coordinate Measuring Machine and other measuring devices

ERP / MRP Systems

Planning is a strong asset of Etage culture and through its integrated processes and systems the company is able to establish accurate forecasts of deliveries, maximizing its productive capacity as well as flexibility in service.
ERP: SAP Business One
CAD/CAM: TopSolid
MES (Manufacturing Execution System)


Etage was founded in 1996. It is a Brazilian company located in the ABC Paulista, one of the main industrial centers of Latin America.

The company offers high quality and performance solutions for the Steel Industry, Petrochemical, Oil and Gas, among others and has been constantly structured to meet new segments and expand its production capacity.

With human and technological excellence, ETAGE applies engineering in the development of projects and product working with high-precision machining technology and materials. It operates in domestic and foreign market with seriousness and commitment, helping to elevate the concept of Brazilian industry in international markets.

This is how ETAGE has been building its history and developing respectful and ethical relationships with its suppliers, customers, employees and society.

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333 Yae Massumoto Private Road
São Bernardo do Campo, SP
Zip Code 09842-160, Brazil
Phone: +55 11 4903-8700

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